Eclipse 550 Business Jet
Eclipse 550 Business Jet

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The Eclipse 550 Jet

(2:25) Check out the latest on the Eclipse 550, the new production jet from EAI. Now delivering.

The Eclipse 550: Progress in Aviation

(1:17) The release video for the Eclipse 550 at NBAA 2013.

Eclipse 550: Advanced Safety

(1:47) See some of the new features on the Eclipse 550 Twin-Engine Jet, including auto throttles, new FMS screens, and synthetic vision.

Jet Transition: Cirrus to Eclipse

(4:03) Former Cirrus pilots talk about the transition from a piston single to a twin-engine jet.

Building the Eclipse Jet

(4:14) This informative video will show you the process of Friction Stir Welding, the revolutionary aviation manufacturing process developed by Eclipse.

Anti-Skid Brakes

(1:15) Watch the ground test of the Eclipse Jet's new anti-skid brake system. The Eclipse goes from a slow landing speed (75 knots) to full stop in under 750 ft!

Advanced Avionics: Avio IFMS

(12:10) The Avio Integrated Flight Management System makes flying the Eclipse safe and simple. Take a look at how easy flying can be.

Safety in Training

(5:05) Eclipse training partner SimCom, located in Orlando, Florida, details their installation of the Avio IFMS avionics package in one of their full-motion FAA approved Level D Eclipse Jet simulators.

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Why We Fly the Eclipse: The Turks

(2:10) Mike and Karen Turk, both type-rated Eclipse pilots, talk about why they love their Eclipse Jet.

Why I Fly the Eclipse: Eric Kobren

(2:25) Eclipse owner / pilot Eric Kobren discusses a few of the reasons that he chose the Eclipse Jet.

Why I Fly the Eclipse: Bruce Dickinson

(2:22) Bruce Dickinson, legendary front man of Iron Maiden, talks about his experiences flying the Eclipse Jet.

Jet Transition: Cirrus to Eclipse

(4:03) Former Cirrus pilots talk about the transition from a piston single to a twin-engine jet.

Why I Fly the Eclipse: Gordon Fiengold

(3:20) Eclipse owner Gordon Feingold talks about his move away from the Cirrus SR22 and what he thinks about stepping up to an Eclipse Jet.

Why I Fly the Eclipse: David Hudson

(3:44) David Hudson, owner of a chain of Nissan dealerships throughout the Southeast, discusses the Eclipse Jet as a business tool.

Why I Fly an Eclipse: Jeff Pino

(3:07) Jeff Pino, CEO of Sikorsky Aircraft, discusses the Eclipse Jet. Hear what he has to say about the advantages of flying an Eclipse.

EAI Press Releases

Stay up-to-date with the latest news and events about Eclipse Aerospace, Inc. and the Eclipse Jet. Find out where we'll be appearing throughout the world, view webcasts of our major announcements and read through our press releases and news articles.

07.21.2015 Jet Lounge Named as ONE Aviation's Second Eclipse European Jet Distributor

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The latest releases from Eclipse Aerospace, right at your fingertips. These informative pieces will give you a more in depth understanding of the Eclipse twin-engine aircraft and Eclipse Aerospace, Inc. Click on the name of the brochure to download a PDF version.

The complete guide to the Eclipse 550

Eclipse 550 Flipbook

This in-depth booklet provides all of the information that you need to know about owning the Eclipse 550. Covering the aircraft from avionics to interior to cost of operations, the Eclipse 550 Flipbook is a wealth of information about the world's most fuel-efficient, technologically advanced light jet

Eclipse 550: Costs of Operation

Eclipse 550 Operating Economics

Take a thorough look at the costs of operating the Eclipse 550 Jet. From Direct Operating Costs to annual hangaring and pilot costs, this brochure will allow you to see just how incredibly affordable the Eclipse 550 is to own and maintain.

The Eclipse 550

The Eclipse 550

Take a look at the Eclipse 550 twin-engine jet from Eclipse Aerospace. See the features that come with the all-new, production twin-engine jet from Eclipse.

A Quick Fact Sheet About the Total Eclipse Twin-Engine Jet

The Total Eclipse Jet

Learn about the Total Eclipse, the factory refurbished Eclipse 500 that comes with fresh paint, a brand new interior, and a one-year factory warranty. Did we mention that it also comes with the Avio IFMS avionics system and can be upgraded to the Total Eclipse Plus package?

Eclipse Jet Quick Facts

Eclipse Jet Quick Facts

This quick reference sheet gives you all the reasons why pilots and owners alike love their Eclipse jet. Range and Avionics information, combined with details on Economics and Environmental Impact give you a good overview as to how the Eclipse twin-engine jet performs.

Eclipse Jet Comparison Chart

Aircraft Comparison Chart

Want to see how the Eclipse 550 Jet stacks up to other aircraft on the market today? Curious to see how it compares to jets that will be coming in the future? Download this comparison chart to compare all of the features and functions of the Eclipse Jet.

Complete Eclipse 550 Performance Numbers

Eclipse 550 Performance

A complete look at the performance characteristics and specifications of the Eclipse 550

Avio Integrated Flight Management System

Avio Integrated Flight Management Sysem

Learn more about the Avio Integrated Flight Management System (IFMS) by Innovative Solutions & Support for the Eclipse Twin-Engine Jet. The most advanced glass cockpit for light jets is finally realized.

Learn About the Eclipse 500 PLUS Program

Eclipse 500 PLUS

What is the Eclipse 500 PLUS upgrade program? Eclipse will take your Eclipse IFMS equipped aircraft and upgrade with features previously only available on the Eclipse 550, including Anti-Skid Brakes, new high-res displays, a Standby Display Unit and much more!

Part 135 Brochure

Eclipse Jet in Fleet Operations

Want to know how the Eclipse Jet can affect your bottom line? Read our Part 135 brochure.

Eclipse Jet Training

Eclipse Training

Take a look at all of the requirements and steps along your path to earn your Eclipse Jet type-rating. Begin your journey to become a jet pilot today.