Eclipse 550 Business Jet
Eclipse 550 Business Jet

Eclipse Jet Management Services

Relax. Let Us Take Care of the Details.

If you want to own a jet but don’t want to worry about maintenance, pilots, and operational burdens, Eclipse offers a personalized aircraft management service. We will walk you through the process of choosing and purchasing your jet. From that day forward, you will be operating under a full-service management and operations company. You won’t have to worry about any aspect of your aircraft. We’ll take care of everything. From crews and operations to taxes and maintenance, we will act on your behalf and send you a personalized activity summary at the end of every month.

Eclipse 550 Management

Finding a Pilot Has Never Been So Simple

Eclipse will interview, hire, and properly train your pilot to make sure that all required FAA type-ratings are secured and that your pilot has truly mastered the flight systems of the Eclipse Jet. Your safety is our highest concern. We will make certain that the pilot we hire to fly your Eclipse will be qualified to deliver you and yours safely to your destination.

Eclipse 550 Management

Monitoring the Proficiency of Your Pilot

Eclipse Aerospace will plan and implement a system of periodic training, proficiency checks and in-flight monitoring to ensure that the crew meets and exceeds the FAA's standards for flight proficiency, safety of flight and general operating knowledge.

Eclipse 550 Management

24 / 7 Flight Scheduling & Crew

Whether you are flying international or domestic, Eclipse will be ready 24 / 7 for any flight you need to make. Our staff will schedule, dispatch, file your flight plan, and file all logs without you having to worry about the details. If needed, we can also take care of any hotel and ground transportation needs that may be required.

Eclipse 550 Management

Worry Free Maintenance Management

EAI plans and supervises all required inspections, record keeping and maintenance by our FAA Diamond and AMT award-winning mechanics. We maintain current maintenance manufacturers’ manuals for the aircraft and equipment, and maintain compliance with all service letters, bulletins, and FAA airworthiness directives. Our quality control department assures that all log book and records are properly noted and updated. We will also maintain repair work and billing to take care of any due warranty adjustments.

Eclipse 550 Management

Monthly Reports for Financial Control

We provide a monthly statement verifying and paying of all aircraft related bills from your operating fund. Also provided are monthly operating budgets, reports and a breakdown of all aircraft expenses and flight time.

Eclipse 550 Management

Charter Your Aircraft When You're at Home

If you aren't planning on using your Eclipse Jet, we can help you offset your expenses by chartering your aircraft. We can also provide secondary aircraft to use in case an emergency arises while your aircraft is out on a charter flight, making sure that you are never without access to an aircraft.

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* Aircraft management and pilot services are provided through a combination of resources, including EAI employees and contractors, as well as selected third party charter operators.