Eclipse 550 Business Jet
Eclipse 550 Business Jet

About Eclipse Aerospace

It started as an exercise in innovation, a progressive idea that would transform aviation: let’s build a jet that fits the budget and typical mission profiles of a larger audience of owners and pilots. Let’s invent a new class of aircraft that is safe and efficient while still being extremely fast and comfortable. We pioneered a new field of aviation; we invented the personal jet.

The journey from idea to flying machine teemed with obstacles and our engineers looked upon them as opportunities for invention. There were miscalculations and missed goals. But at the end of the first decade, from blank piece of paper to a fully functional factory, there were 260 Eclipse Jets in the sky, reshaping business travel; redefining business aviation.

Over the course of the next year, the Eclipse Jet would move from the forefront of the aviation world to becoming a product without a home. With the bottom falling out the financial markets, the wind fell from the wings of Eclipse the company. But never was a wisp taken from the under the wings of the Eclipse product. The Eclipse Jet held its place as a wonder of invention. And as quickly as Eclipse went under, it rose again.

Four years ago, a new leadership team took over the development of the Eclipse Jet. In four years, every tool has been reexamined, every process thought through anew, every idea reimagined. The Eclipse Jet, always a marvel of efficiency, now the most technologically advanced jet in production today, possesses features only found on high-end GA, commercial, and military aircraft, features that decrease pilot workload and increase overall safety of flight.

Eclipse Aerospace is proud to introduce the Eclipse 550 Jet, the redesigned, reengineered twin-engine aircraft from the company that continues to build the world’s only personal jet. The Eclipse 550 has the high-tech features of aircraft costing millions more but is built using innovative techniques that drive quality up and manufacturing costs down. Complete with the all new, fully integrated Avio Flight Management System with XM weather, Synthetic Vision, Enhanced Vision, Auto Throttles, a plush cabin with standard leather seating and superior insulation for a quiet, relaxing ride, and a range of 1,125 nautical miles, the Eclipse Jet is defined by safety, comfort, and convenience.

Not only less expensive than any other twin-engine jet to buy, the fuel-efficient Eclipse 550 is also the least expensive twin-engine jet to own and operate ($1.68 / nm DOC). The Eclipse 550 puts the practical benefits and sheer exhilaration of jet aviation within the means of more people and companies than ever before.

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