Eclipse 550 Business Jet
Eclipse 550 Business Jet

The Eclipse 550 Jet

Fly Safe. Fly Fast. Fly an Eclipse 550 Jet.

The Eclipse 550, the new production twin-engine jet from Eclipse Aerospace, features best in class performance, economics, and safety. With the ability to fly at altitudes up to 41,000 feet at a max cruise of 430 mph, all while consuming a mere 59 gallons of fuel per hour, the Eclipse 550 is the most efficient twin-engine jet on the planet. Want to know more? Contact an Eclipse representative today.

What Incredible Performance Will Do for You

Eclipse owner / pilot Barry Lerman discusses why he flies the Eclipse Jet

Hassle-Free Travel

Imagine traveling without having to wait in line. Without having to hand over your credit card and identification. Without worrying about extra baggage fees and how much your suitcase weighs. Imagine walking up to your Eclipse 550 and taxiing out immediately, getting to the destination of your choosing on your own schedule. That is what owning an Eclipse 550 will do for you.

Save Time, Save Money, Fly Safely

The Eclipse 550 is the most economically viable twin-engine jet on the planet. The efficient performance characteristics of the Eclipse Jet, including the consumption of a mere 48-59 gallons of fuel per hour, mean you'll be saving money every time you start the engines. Save time, money, and still fly with power, precision, and safety? That's the Eclipse way.

Home in Time for Dinner

What is the point of being successful in business if it translates into being in one place when you wish you were in another? Flying an Eclipse allows you to cover multiple cities in a single day. No more overnights and early commercial flights. Takeoff when you need to leave, get back in time for dinner.

Advanced Technology. Easy to Handle.

Avio Avionics system in the Eclipse 550

The Integrated Flight Management System in the Eclipse 550 greatly reduces pilot workload, and in effect acts as a virtual copilot. Avio IFMS provides digital avionics with demonstrated airline reliability and systems capability unparalleled in the very light jet segment. Avio IFMS features an Integrated Flight Management System, Class 3 E-charts, and XM Satellite Weather. The 13 microprocessors in the IS&S displays control all the major aircraft systems. Dual WAAS / SBAS beta-3 GPS receivers are utilized for precise navigation. With the enhanced situational awareness, electronic charts and maps, display and control of the aircraft systems and the integrated autopilot control panel, the pilot is provided with the most advanced FMS available for the light jet class.

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Custom Features for Enhanced Performance

The Eclipse 550 offers features and technologies that other light jets can only dream about. Features that enhance efficiency in order to lower the cost of ownership. The Eclipse 550 also offers the most robust set of safety features available in the light jet market, and all in the only twin-engine jet available for under $3MM.

Standard Features on the Eclipse 550

The Eclipse 550 Base Price is $2,995,000 USD with the following standard configuration:

  • Dual Avio Integrated Flight Management System
  • Anti-Skid Brake System
  • Standby Display Unit (Pilot)
  • PPG Glass Windows
  • RVSM eligible
  • Electronic display of Jeppesen terminal procedures
  • Nav-source selection integration to PFDs
  • Autopilot coupled guidance
  • Flight plan overlay on Nav Displays
  • XM Weather integration on moving map
  • GPS WAAS and LPV approach capability
  • 5-seat configuration
  • Premium Interior
  • Deluxe two-tone paint color option selected by Buyer from standard selections
  • Custom Paint Schemes available upon request.
  • Eclipse 550 Additional Benefits
  • 60-month / 1,000 hour Eclipse Factory Warranty
  • 60-month Eclipse Advantage Maintenance Program
  • P&WC Gold ESP Paid Current at Time of Delivery
  • Sun visors, 110v outlets, tray tables, and cupholders
  • One (1) initial type rating training course (SimCom or Eclipse factory direct)
  • One (1) year Jeppesen subscription service (US only)
  • Standard documentation to include Aircraft Flight Manual and Aircraft Maintenance Manual
  • All factory mandatory Service Bulletins complete

Optional Features for the Eclipse 550

  • Terrain Awareness and Warning System (TAWS)
  • Traffic Advisory System (TAS)
  • Weather Radar System (Color)
  • Copilot Package (2nd Quick Don Mask, 40 ft³ O² tank)
  • Auto Throttles
  • Stormscope
  • Standby Display Unit (Copilot)
  • Satellite Phone
  • Sixth Seat Option
  • Automatic Direction Finder (ADF)
  • Distance Measuring Equipment (DME)
  • Export Package (varies by country)
  • 2nd Type Rating

Complete Feature Details

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Spend Less Getting More Accomplished

With budgets being squeezed and everyone wanting to do more with less, the Eclipse Jet brings tremendous capability at a surprising cost. The Eclipse Jet is the worlds most economical twin-engine jet, costing less to acquire and less to operate than any other twin-engine jet on the planet. The direct operating cost of an Eclipse Jet is far less than our nearest jet competitor and comparable to many high-performance turboprop aircraft.

Cost of Acquisition

The Eclipse Jet has the lowest acquisition cost ($2.995 MM) of any jet on the market, allowing you to achieve jet speeds at the purchase price of a turboprop! Priced hundreds of thousands of dollars less than our closest jet competitor, the Eclipse Jet will show the world that you are being careful with your transportation budget.

Cost of Ownership

The Eclipse keeps your recurring costs low, whether it be hangar, insurance, or training. Every aspect of the airplane has been optimized for cost reduction. View Complete Eclipse 550 Operating Economics

5-year Eclipse Advantage Maintenance Program The Eclipse Advantage program includes all standard labor and parts costs for required, scheduled inspections including the 300 hour, 24 month inspection, the 1,200 hour, 48 month inspection, as well as lesser inspections such as battery cap checks, fire extinguisher inspections, and more.

5-year Factory Warranty The Eclipse 550 Limited Aircraft Warranty covers all defects in material and workmanship on the Eclipse 550 for a period of 5 years or 1,000 hours. This warranty, running concurrently with Eclipse Advantage, delivers Eclipse 550 owners true product coverage and assured reliability.

Cost of Flying

The Eclipse’s P&WC engines consume less fuel in an hour’s flight than some jets consume taxiing for takeoff. With the lowest direct operating costs and fixed annual costs of any jet on the planet (as little as $2.02 per nautical mile) — the Eclipse Jet will save you money every time you start the engines.

Cost to the Environment

The Eclipse Jet gives back to the environment every time it flies. By using such small quantities of fuel, the Eclipse Jet leaves a minimal carbon footprint. The Eclipse is also the only jet in the world to have moved away from Halon as a fire suppressant (Halon is a deadly toxin). We strive to be environmentally friendly, and are proud of our record.

The Eclipse 550:
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Take a look at the all new Eclipse 550, including the incredible new features that make it the most technologically advanced light jet on the planet.

Safety Comes Standard
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When you fly the Eclipse 550, you have access to technologies that simplify flight, reducing pilot workload and reducing risk.