Fly Safe. Fly Fast. Fly the Eclipse 550.

The Eclipse 550 Twin-Engine Jet

The Eclipse 550 features best in class safety, performance, and economics. Not only does it allow you to fly in pressurized comfort above the weather at altitudes up to 41,000 feet at a maximum cruise speed of up to 375 knots (430 mph), it does so while consuming just twice the fuel as a large SUV.

When you add the enhanced safety features found in the Eclipse 550 such as Auto Throttles, Anti-Skid Brakes, and the most sophisticated avionics system in the light jet market, you begin to understand the true value that the Eclipse 550 presents.

World Class Service For a World Class Jet.

Eclipse strives to put our customers first in everything we do. Whether you need a minor repair far from home or a major inspection in one of our Platinum Service Centers, Eclipse guarantees proficient service that will get you back in the sky quickly and safely.

Say It with Me Now: "I Am a Jet Pilot."

Not only did we build a jet with an incredibly intuitive flight management system, we built one of the most in-depth training programs of any aircraft manufacturer, equipping our pilots with the knowledge necessary to safely operate the Eclipse 550.

It doesn’t matter what you fly now: all you need to pilot the Eclipse 550 is a multi-engine and instrument rating. Our world-class training program will teach you the rest. If you are new to jet aircraft with low hours, we will help you transition with personalized care. If you are a high-time professional pilot, the transition course will be quick and easy with minimal hassle.

Because Living Your Way Is Really the Only Way.

Eclipse Aerospace has done something that no other aircraft manufacturer has ever done: we built a private jet for the business person who believes in practical and efficient travel; for the man or woman that needs to be in three cities in one day and doesn’t want to sacrifice dinner with their family in order to do it. We built a jet to fit your mission, your lifestyle, and your budget.