Eclipse Jet Warranty

Eclipse 550 Warranty

The Eclipse 550 Warranty includes a 36 month, 1,200 hour guarantee on workmanship, parts, and labor, subject to the below exclusions.

Total Eclipse Warranty

Eclipse Aerospace offers a one year Eclipse Factory Warranty for all Total Eclipse™ factory refurbished aircraft. For the first 12 months or 300 flight hours from factory delivery (whichever occurs first) the factory warranty covers the aircraft for workmanship, parts and labor. In addition, the factory warranty covers the airframe and structural repairs which are due to defects in workmanship or materials. All warranty items are subject to the below described exclusions.

Total Eclipse aircraft are sold with a fully paid up and transferable engine maintenance program with Pratt & Whitney Canada.

Warranty Exclusions

Exclusions to the Eclipse warranty are for items traditionally not covered by an aircraft warranty such as: engines, engine accessories, consumable parts and materials (e.g. batteries, brakes, tires, lamps, fuel, oil, oxygen, filters, gaskets, o-rings, fasteners, etc.), routine maintenance, scheduled replacements of life limited components, routine inspections and, repair or replacement due to normal wear and tear or exposure.