Choose Your Eclipse Jet

How do you choose which Eclipse Jet product is right for you? We've broken down the major differences between the Eclipse 550 and the Total Eclipse Jet below. If you have any questions whatsoever, don't hesitate to contact us.

The Eclipse 550: The Eclipse 550 is the new production jet from Eclipse Aerospace, the first of which was delivered in October 2013. This incredibly efficient aircraft has been built with powerful new microprocessors in the avionics systems allowing for Autothrottles, Synthetic Vision, and Enhanced Vision to be added to the Avio platform. The avionics also now run in a dual / redundant fashion, ensuring that there will never be any downtime for Avio. Other feature sets that come standard in the Eclipse 550: an Anti-Skid Brake system, a 3-year warranty, and new high resolution displays on the MFD and PFDs.

The Total Eclipse: The Total Eclipse twin-engine jet is a factory certified, pre-flown Eclipse Jet. These aircraft are low time (less than 500 hours total) and come with a standard one-year Eclipse Factory Warranty. The major benefit of the Total Eclipse is that it can be delivered fully customized to your interior specifications and exterior striping pattern within 45-90 days of your order.


The Eclipse 550

The Total Eclipse

Availability 2013 Within 90 Days
Price $2.895MM $2.25MM
3-year Warranty S NA
1-Year Warranty S S
Dual (Redundant) IFMS S NA
Anti-Skid Brakes S A
RSVM Eligible S S
ADS-B Enabled S NA
Glass Windshields S NA
New High Res Displays S A
Auto Throttles A NA
Synthetic Vision A NA
Part 135 Package (Includes 3rd AHRS) A A
Sun Visor, Tray, and Cup Holders A S
Enhanced Vision A NA
Stormscope A A
Color Radar A S
TAS (Traffic Alerting System) A S
Radar Altimeter A NA
Iridium Phone A A
EASA (Includes ADF and DME) A NA
Sixth Seat A A
Customized Paint A A
Flight Into Known Icing S S
XM Weather S S
P&WC Gold ESP (engine plan) S S
Standard Documentation (AFM / AMM) S S
41,000 ft Service Ceiling S S
20,000 Cycle Airframe S S
All Leather Interior S S

S = Standard
A = Available
NA = Not Available

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